XL National Congress on Calorimetry
Thermal Analysis and Applied Thermodynamics

17|19 december 2018
“Le Benedettine” Congress Center, Pisa, Italy

Welcome to the AICAT/GICAT 2018 website, and let us warmly invite you to attend AICAT/GICAT 2018, the XL National Conference on Calorimetry
, Thermal Analysis and Chemical Thermodynamics jointly organized by AICAT (Associazione Italiana di Calorimetria e Analisi Termica) and GICAT (Gruppo Interdivisionale di Calorimetria e Analisi Termica della Società Chimica Italiana).

AICAT/GICAT 2018 Conference will take place in Pisa (Italy), at “Le Benedettine Congress Center”, from 17th to 19th December 2018 and will gather the scientists working in Calorimetry, Thermal Analysis and closely related topics. Its aim is to provide an opportunity for an exchange of scientific information, critical discussion and advanced planning on the most of fundamental and applied research aspects of interest in this field.

The Congress will cover the following topics

•  Solutions, Mixtures and Chemical Thermodynamics
•  Life Science, Pharmaceutics, Food,
•  Polymers and Biomaterials, Biological Macromolecules
•  Kinetics, Catalysis, Materials,
•  Cultural Heritage
•  Environment and Safety
•  Instruments and new Methods



In the occasion of the Conference two scientific prizes will be assigned:

a distinguished scientist in the field of Calorimetry and Thermal Analysis will be awarded the AICAT-TA Prize

A young researcher in the same field will be awarded the Lucci Prize
More details on the Lucci Prize application can be found at www.aicat-gicat.it/index.html
Extended deadline for proposal 30 September 2018

The Italian Association of Calorimetry and thermal Analysis, AICAT, will provide 4 grants
for post-doc students covering the registration fee. More details at www.aicat-gicat.it/Eng/index_eng.htm
Extended deadline 30 September 2018


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